The ‘New Xbox One Experience’ Removes Ease-Of-Use Features

The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) recently rolled out and has shown a noted improvement on speed, performance and the Xbox One UI, but a Reddit user reported that a feature has been removed that allowed users of the Xbox system to sign into their accounts with ease.

When paired with a Kinect the first revision of the Xbox One controllers featured an infrared sensor that allowed the Kinect to assign controllers to a player when they pick it up. This allowed users to grab a controller and be automatically signed into their Xbox Live account, even if they originally signed up on a different console. Obviously this feature was a godsend for players who wanted to play on the same system as one another with friends who also had a live account.

The NXOE update has now disabled these IR systems and it is impossible to turn them back on in the Xbox settings menu. This now means that players have to go into the Xbox device settings and manually assign players controllers, which can be incredibly clunky due to how the Xbox One system handles profiles.

Whilst the IR sensors do nothing for those without a Kinect system, it is odd that the NXOE update removed a feature that Kinect users already had, it seems like a lot of work for no real reason. It’s also interesting to note that only the first edition of the Xbox one controller supported these features, the newer models (Including the Elite variant) do not have the IR sensors built into the controller

Currently there is a request on Xbox Feedback to get this changed, though it currently has just over 500 votes. What are the views of the Xbox One UK community? Did this feature need to be removed or does it seem like a strange move from Microsoft?

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Source: Reddit

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