ARK: Survival Evolved Update

Are you an ARK fan? do you enjoy the game but are struggling to find a server?? Well worry no more…………

Studio Wildcard have recently announced via twitter, that a new update has been released to try and help combat the server issues. Ark: Survival Evolved hit the Xbox One platform running…. so much so that, even though it is an early access game ( as such unfinished and in the Xbox Game Preview Program) it seems that the games popularity is becoming a bit of an issue. Fans have been reporting it can be nearly impossible to find a multiplayer server to join, with every server showing up as full! Fear not, as Studio Wildcard are on the case:

untitled (3)

This new update has added another 60 official Xbox servers into the game, making space for another 4,200 players! Will this be enough? Probably not as the game is fast becoming a massive success, for now though every little helps to keep the game moving foreword. Ark is continually being ‘evolved’ (pun intended) by the developers, and this can clearly be seen via the amount of Twitter posts referring to different changes in game. A lot of these however are changes for the PC, through the gaming platform Steam. Most, if not all of these updates should eventually be coming to Xbox One as the game makes its way to full release.

Have you played Ark yet? If so, just many hours so far has it eaten from your life, I’m loving the game a little to much, its taken up all of my spare time at the moment with my constant drive to achieve one thing…..I just want to tame a T-Rex!!!! is that so much to ask? Well its harder than I thought, and I’m really not getting anywhere with my dodo army.

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5 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Update”

  1. i have been streaming ark since it’s release all day n night, so many hrs lol love it. Ps, have a pet white T-rex as well 😉

    • Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes says:

      i finally managed to tame one of them turtle things….. only for an alpha raptor to appear and kill it, then kill me, but not until after it bust up my house 🙁 sad times

  2. Scottishlady51 says:

    tried to get on last night (uk) all servers full still not sure about the game yet.

    • Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes says:

      try going on the single player, that way you can gauge how you feel about it, i found that using the 1 hour trial on the multiplayer servers was a waste of time, either you cant get on or you get killed straight away by somebody else, you end up not being able to experience the game properly.

  3. lowlifegamercanada says:

    with how much this game has blown up on the xbox one the server problem with hurt it every day they are full

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