Destiny: Kings Fall Raid Glitches Require TLC!

Bungie is aware of a troublesome Destiny bug with the Oryx challenge that sees Ogres teleporting around the map and making it hard to complete.

Destiny players are reporting a new bug with the Oryx fight that is making the Oryx challenge in the King’s Fall raid a little extra difficult. It’s true that many players are getting through the challenge and the final boss fight without issue, but others are having runs ruined not by human error but problems with the game code.

The new Oryx bug will teleport a Light Eater Ogre from their starting spawn position to the centre of the map. At first the Ogre will be walking forward as normal, but then it will suddenly appear in the dead center of the map. And it doesn’t seem to be because of lag.

In fact, Bungie has even acknowledged the Ogre teleporting bug saying:

Thank you for your report. We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating.

While Ogres teleporting is obviously a problem for the Oryx fight, it’s made worse by the fact that this week features the Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall. In a normal fight, it might be possible to deal with an Ogre out of place, but the main crux of the Challenge is to detonate 16 Corrupted Light Bombs at once, thereby taking Oryx’s health from 100% to 1% in a single detonation.

However, in order to do so, Destiny players need to ensure the Ogres die in relatively the same place and that their Bombs stay in a similar area. But once an Ogre teleports it’s essentially game over, as the Bomb will end up in a bad spot, or may even be accidentally detonated.


Having seen this bug first hand, it’s easy to see why gamers would be disappointed by it. The Oryx boss fight can be plenty challenging on its own, especially with the Heroic modifier turned on, but having to deal with things like lag or teleporting Ogres makes things seem nearly impossible. Add to that the fact that one teleporting Ogre can undo some careful coordination and we wouldn’t fault players for giving up altogether.

It’s recommend sticking with the Oryx challenge despite the potential for teleporting Ogres, though, as the loot is well worth the effort. While the previous challenges have offered 320 light level special and heavy weapons, as well as 320 gear (gauntlets, chest pieces, and boots), the Oryx challenge gifts 320 primary weapons and 320 helmets upon completion. It also delivers the last Calcified Fragment, which could unlock a new quest, but thus far has only delivered a shader.

But truly, 320 primaries is a worthy reward, especially for those infusion enthusiasts out there. Iron Banner is coming up soon, so having a 320 primary that suits your PvP play style could offer a nice advantage later this month.

Have you encountered the Ogre teleporting bug? Has it completely ruined your Oryx challenge run or were you able to work around it? Let us know in the comments below

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