Phil Spencer on Cloud Computing, Backwards Compatibility and more

Every now and then Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, will take to Twitter to respond directly to fans. Phil’s got nearly a quarter of a million followers – enough for a pretty good cult – and it’s good to see engagement with the Xbox community at Phil’s level. A few hours ago, Phil got into conversations about cloud servers, Titanfall 2 exclusivity, and his love of giant robot games.

One interesting point Phil made was in response to Twitter user @The_CrapGamer, where he confirmed Azure Cloud Services (Azure is the name Microsoft has given to its cloud computing platform) are available to any game – even those exclusive to other consoles.

Where this leaves claims that the Xbox One is the only console with ‘the power of the cloud’ (not a phrase Xbox has used since year one of the console’s life, when you couldn’t get away from it!) we are not sure. We have reached out to Phil for some clarity.

In the same conversation Phil wouldn’t be drawn on Titanfall 2 exclusivity (although it’s been previously announced by developer Respawn that Titanfall 2 will be multi platform).

Phil also confirmed there has been very little interest in a version of the Xbox App for OS X (Mac) users. (Insert hipster joke of your choosing.)

Finally, Phil has this to say to the entitled masses who felt they had been promised Call Of Duty: Black Ops in Backwards Compatibility in December:

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One thought on “Phil Spencer on Cloud Computing, Backwards Compatibility and more

  • 26/12/2015 at 8:38 pm

    Would love to see Titanfall 2 as an Xbox/PC exclusive. Too bad it wasn’t locked down earlier, I mean it sold almost 10 million copies, surely you’d try to lock such a huge IP to your platform!

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