Update For Warframe Adds Loads Of New Content

Time to prepare for Ivara, The Second Dream and much more

You got to admit, Warframe has been an amazing title and the fact that it was free just adds to it’s greatness. There seems to have been a certain amount of secrecy in the story, but these circumstances are for good reasons as this update unveils and unravels one of them.

Right from the start, you will be thrown into a quest titled ‘The Second Dream’. It is in this quest that you begin to truly learn about yourself and the fellow warriors you stand alongside.In addition to ‘The Second Dream’, you will also have a quest titled ‘The Sentient Hunhow’ where you are educated about the Warframe lore.

But what is an update without new weapons and abilities, well you are in for a treat here. Say hello to the new ‘Ivara’ Archer Frame, tricked out with four different arrows with are all as menacing as each other. As for your new abilities, you can now stealthily rob enemies of loot, manually guide projectiles to their marks and summon a powerful bow for enhanced damage.

You are also going to be receiving a brand new PvP map and the new “sortie” system that improves end-game content. the “sortie” system changes up daily and offers three new missions, if you complete the trips you will be inline for a drop from the loot pool at the time.

There’s new exact date of release for the update but it can be expected very soon, judging by the videos above it looks like it will be amazing. Let us know in the comments about your thoughts of Warframe and this new update, I’d love to hear your views.


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