Microsoft Cant Replenish Elite Controller Stocks To Cover Demand

Microsoft’s flagship gamepad the ‘Elite Controller’, launched this October and has been in massive demand ever since. So much so that every time they have became available to purchase they have sold out within hours of hitting the shelves. Now if your desperate to get yourself one you could always get one from EBay. There are literally hundreds being sold on that auction site. But be warned, they aren’t cheap! With an original controller from Microsoft having a price tag of around £125 (yep that’s not a typo). Some of these are now selling on EBay for up to £250 each!! (that isn’t a typo either) That just goes to show how popular they are right now, some people are willing to pay double just to get their hands on one.

Even Microsoft never visualised that this new style controller would be received so well, and as such they just were not prepared for the massive demand it has created. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently responded to a fan on Twitter who had finally managed to get hold of one by tweeting back:

‘I’m glad you found one. We keep shipping more but they sell out instantly’

As usual Microsoft’s own store is sold out, along with all the major online stores such as Amazon, Target and GameStop to name but a few.

Have a read of our very own rundown on the Elite Controller that we posted a few weeks back at You can find out exactly what is so special about it and why its becoming so popular, sadly it wont help you get one, but you can dream…..

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Cant Replenish Elite Controller Stocks To Cover Demand”

  1. BayKon says:

    @Microsoft It’s OK. I got mine at launch, no need to worry.

  2. @Microsoft Solid controller, love mine and was lucky enough to get one on launch day! 🙂

  3. @Microsoft Super bloody expensive though arent they? I was thinking they couldnt be more than £80. Was I ever wrong?

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