Battlefield Hardline: Getaway Is Coming

Are you ready for the latest expansion

So, you think you can drive better than any other wheelman out there? You think you can outrun the cops, vanish without a trace and (most importantly) keep you and the crew out of handcuffs? Well, here’s your chance to prove yourself.

On the flip side, are you the fastest recruit in the force? You think you can stop the criminals, keep them on the radar grid and (most importantly) get those offenders in the cuffs and locked up? You’re up hotshot, show the underworld that the police aren’t to be messed with.

Whatever side you choose, you’re in for a real treat with the latest expansion for ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ titled ‘Getaway’. It doesn’t matter if you’re making the desperate dash for the Mexican border or you’re about to pull off a bust in the streets of Pacific Coast, you’ll be enjoying these high speed additions coming in January 2016.

Here’s what you will be getting in ‘Getaway’:

  • Four massive maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion
  • New game mode: Capture the Bag
  • 4 New vehicles
  • 3 new weapons for the Mechanic Class
  • One new gadget and a new melee weapon
  • 4 new Legendary Camos


This looks like a pretty amazing expansion pack for an already amazing title, will you be adding the ‘Getaway’ to your copy of ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ – let us know in the comments.

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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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