Digital Clothes Shopping With New App

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The Xbox One system really is an amazing piece of technology to have, asides from the obvious gaming features – the world of the apps is proving to be capable of just about anything and everything. The clever people at ‘Von Bismark’ have created one of the best apps I’ve seen for a long time, so what has the Dublin based television e-commerce company created?

A brand new app called ‘The Mall’ is set for release in February 2016 and will allow you to digitally try on clothes before purchasing them, this is thanks to an inbuilt feature called ‘The Dressing Room’ that will overlay the clothes on you in a digital fashion. Here is a perfect app for the Kinect, without the peripheral you can not do this – time to get that Kinect up and running again.

After trying on some threads, you can scan the QR code by using ‘PowaTag’ on your ‘Android’ or ‘iOS’ smartphone and purchase your choices. Surely I’m not the only one that would prefer to shop like this rather than going into every shop, normally ending up with getting so frustrated that I don’t buy anything and go home with a sulk on?

Still not sure how this will work, check out the demo below for how much easier shopping will be:

So in the ever growing list of apps for Xbox One, how does this one stack up against the others and is it something you will be using more often than not – in case you’re unsure of what apps there are then click on the links below:


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