Xbox One Preview Program not actually accepting new applications

Over the last week we have made reference to the reopening of the Xbox One Preview Program for new members. This was based on information received from a hitherto reliable source. At we always operate a ‘trust but verify’ approach. In the case of these stories – with formal early notification of preview program changes rare – we turned to the Xbox Preview app itself which did indeed operate as though invitations were open. On that basis, we carried the original story, and a subsequent follow up that Cortana would appear for preview members this month.

New information has been received that not only withdraws the information upon which these articles were based, but completely reverses that position. (Spelling errors in the quote below are from the source.)

“Some clarification here: Invites to the Preivew Program are 100% closed. Absolutely no new members are being accepted at all. Sure you can ask a friend to send you an invite from their console but do not expect it to get approved any time soon. If by some miracle it does get approved, do not expect to see anything different as there is 100% no difference between a Preview console and a normal console at this time. Everyone is on the exact same build as Windows 10, Preview members just got it sooner than the rest of the planet did. There is no news on when or if the new member program will be started up again. I can only guess at this point but a guess is a guess only.

“Yes there are other pages and groups out there claiming to be getting people in. I can assure you this is 100% false and my team are working to closing those pages down. Those pages or rather the person or persons running them are only friend seeking and usually on more than one platform (i.e. Xbox, Facebook and YouTube) and are just sad little people.”

We think the second paragraph is more than a bit of a cheek – as the vast majority of sites posting this news did so on the basis of information provided by this same source.

However, whilst the original source is keen to shift blame, we understand we have a responsibility to our readers and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all those who were misled. On this occasion we fell short of the very high standards to which we hold ourselves, an we deeply regret failing to fully check the veracity of our source. It will not happen again.

Rest assured, as and when we receive fully verified information concerning the reopening of the Preview Program to new members we will share that with you.

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