Dying Light #DrinkForDLC Campaign DLC Announced

Back in June, Techland, the developers of Dying Light, announced they were “jumping on the latest trend in game marketing”. Initially designed as playful teasing of the US only Destiny campaign, which saw fans being asked to drink Red Bull in order to get free DLC, Techland asked its own fans to tweet pictures of themselves drinking water in return for a code that could be redeemed in-game for a high-tier weapon.


After receiving such a huge response from the Dying Light community, Techland decided to take the campaign further and announced that they would design, create and release additional DLC if people continued to #DrinkForDLC…and drink they did!

With a whopping 15,000+ people tweeting photos and videos of themselves drinking the “natural, vegan and sugar free” beverage, Dying Light now has a free 3 piece water themed DLC lined up to be released on February 9th, along side the Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition.

#DrinkForDLC All 3

The DLC will include:

  • The Fountain of Youth – A new side quest set in Old Town, where you can “take on the quest for the source of life”
  • Water 2.0 – A new throwable weapon which allows you to “turn the element of water against your enemies”
  • Two new water based parkour challenges

Would you like to see more of this from developers or do you feel it’s just a pointless gimmick to keep people interested? Let us know in the comments section below!

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