DOOM 4 – Why It’s Going To Be Huge

Cast your minds back 22 years ago to 1993, now imagine looking through the shelves at the local game store. There a dark box with glowing orange shading, someone shooting for their life and capital letters across the top simply saying ‘DOOM’. It was one of those games that made you run home and start playing straight away, it was right then when the ‘first person shooter’ genre was born.

Jumping back to the present day, ‘DOOM 4’ has managed to generate this same level of hype and hysteria. With ‘DOOM 2: Hell On Earth’ back in 1994 and ‘DOOM 3’ in 2004, how does this series keep us at an anticipated state for the release and maintain it’s presence over 10 years since the last game? ‘DOOM’ was the trend setter, so new and different to anything out there is the answer. So what gives ‘DOOM 4’ the edge when released in 2016, let’s take a look:



Why follow the trend from the other ‘First Person Shooters’ when it comes to your weapons and armoury, you need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed and this is why ‘DOOM 4’ does just that. You are the one man army that is equipped with everything from a handgun to iconic ‘Super Shotgun’ that featured in ‘DOOM 2: Hell On Earth’, you must remember how satisfying that gun was to use.



Hands up if you said this while playing any of the ‘DOOM’ series: “What was that, it came from behind that door? No it didn’t, where the hell did it come from – where the hell is it?”. The sounds, noises and music are perfected to make you change your pants when playing. Subtle groans and roars put you in a defensive mind, plus the more you look for what made the noise – the more the suspense builds.

Classic Inspiration


With help from a famous saying – ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and this is exactly what ‘DOOM 4’ has done. From the gameplay footage and quotes from the developers, we should expect more of the original ‘DOOM’ style play that was such an iconic success.



These are the things of nightmares, have you seen the dude above – it’s undead and has a heavy artillery weapon strapped to it’s back. Let’s be honest though, any true gamer would want to face this – it’s what we do and we do it with style.



Don’t be expecting bright lights, vivid colours or much sunshine. Expect to be thrown in a scenario that is dark, dirty and deadly. This is what ‘DOOM’ does differently to all others, it makes you cautious and even scared by expertly creating worlds and levels in their own unique style.

New Generation

new generation

Can you remember how excited you were in 1993 playing the original ‘DOOM’ for the first time, it seems only fair to share this experience with the newer generation. Plus it gives a retro themed ‘First Person Shooter’ game to a generation that has grown up with titles such as ‘Call Of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’, old school for the win here.

Online Multiplayer


This has to be one of the greatest ways to improve any classic, plus the only real way of getting a social element into a game where solo survival is key. I can already hear the screams down the mic from other players and the banter that is sure to follow, just make sure you’re not the one squealing.



You can now make and create your very own maps to play in ‘DOOM 4’, that’s right – make your own maps. You have the power to play in a personalised scenario, this alone makes a huge impact in standing out from the crowd. Fans of the series have welcomed this with open arms, cracking move from ‘DOOM’ and everyone agrees.



It doesn’t matter if you’ve played any games from the ‘DOOM’ series, you know what you’re getting – pure adulterated violence and it’s not sorry to hide it. What makes the difference here is the element of outrageousness, we know it’s going to be gory but that’s why we play games like ‘DOOM’. Plus if people are talking about the game and opinions are split, that’s normally a sign that we are getting something good (or bad depending on your view).

If those reasons haven’t quite got you pumped up for ‘DOOM 4’, then check out this video here – there’s no way you wont want to get it after this:

Are you counting down the days until ‘DOOM 4’ hits the shelves, did you enjoy the recent testing for the game and will you be one of the first to play the latest instalment in the iconic series – let us know in the comments.

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