Ark: Survival Evolved Official Xbox One Preview Clip

Ark: Survival Evolved will be available to download in the Xbox Store on December 16th as part of the Xbox Game Preview Program. You will be able to play an early access version of the game to help the developers fine tune it ready for release.  Developers Studio Wildcard originally made it available on Steam’s early access program, there it became an instant hit gathering a huge fan base even before the game was completed. There were however many issues surrounding the game, the biggest issue in fact it  was just how much or a resource hog the game is, even some top spec PC’s struggled to run the game well. Porting over to the Xbox was always going to be a challenge due to the sheer size and beauty of the original version, in fact a whole host of optimization will be required to get it to work as it should on the Xbox One.

And that’s where you lot come in! By allowing early access, the developers are hoping to find and iron out as many issues as possible to get the game running right ready for launch, basically you will be QA testers for the game. So far the PC port over to Xbox seems to be doing well, as can bee seen in the video below,  It is scheduled for release June 2016 for Xbox One at a reasonably priced $34.99 and will come complete with Oculus support all ready built in.

 I attempted to play this originally on Steam but alas my PC just is not up to it, and I cant justify the few hundreds of pounds it would take to get it up to spec. When I first heard the announcement it was coming to Xbox One I was genuinely excited for it, and looking at the video above, the 16th cant come quick enough for me to get this game and try and tame my very own T-rex!! 


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