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This is my first outing with Just Cause (I know your probably think this is possible) and wow I knew death and destruction was at the heart of this game but the insanity involved in the sheer destruction is poetry in motion. You will need to use death-defying ariel stunts in order to destroy everything and everyone in sight.

Unfortunately Just Cause 3 doesn’t get much of a chance to shine, when you kick in to ultimate destruction mode and the world is covered in flaming balls and burning smouldering bodies, the frame rate drops massively (possibly even below 30fps). When that happens and the rate drops, it becomes a hell of a lot harder to kill your enemies, free the town you have started to lay waste too and hijack a helicopter using your nifty grappling hook.

Its hard to not want to play Just Cause for long periods of time because the game in itself when its running is fantastic. At times it did worry me that with extended plays and the chaos building up that the lag would set in! this concern can hinder your play style ultimately making the game alot less fun and more slipping into the realm of boring. Your mission is simple, clear of towns and try and take back the country from a psychotic dictator, to do this requires you to take back towns and military bases by destroying power units, petrol containers and police stations. As you can imagine with all those explosion friendly objects to destroy and the tones of enemies coming at you filling up your screen.


If we take away the frame rate issues and just look at Just Cause for what it is, we have a fun and completely entertaining game that allows you to destroy a vast majority of the surroundings, you also have the tools of the trade at you disposal like the parachute, grappling hook and tethers, these comes in handy for pretty much any situation from floating around an enemy occupied town with the parachute and an RPG or using your tethers to attach 2 choppers together and create a flying fire bomb.

The story revolves around our hero Rico Rodriguez, coming back home to the Republic of Medici during the height of Sebastiano Di Ravello’s dictatorship (not going to lie, his timing is shocking). Story wise Just Cause isn’t fantastic, the story is forgettable but it sets the stage for the carnage and destruction. The characters is Just Cause 3 are funny as hell, if the story had a little more substance it would be a winner! The military bases cover the whole map and supply you with hours and hours of fun.

Playing as Rodriguez reminds me of the over the top action stars like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham going all out in another Expendables (sounds like im bashing but honestly I enjoy that OTT action), this last action hero using a wingsuit, parachute and grappling hook might sound like utter madness but oddly enough it work’s. The wingsuit and grappling hook works really well for quick travel around the huge Medici.


Getting used the transitions between grappling hook to wingsuit to parachute can take a while to get used to and execute properly but once you have the hang of it, it can create hours of fun. Once i got the hang of it I was gliding over meadows and tree’s like a pro, using my grappling hook to propel me even further when I started to slow. The combinations of traversal are staggering, at times using the grappling hook to propel me to great height really gave me the sense of being a Superhero. There was many times where I was up out numbered and out gunned at least 20-1, but using the grappling hook i could pull myself up and into the cockpit of an enemy helicopter and completely change the outcome of the battle.

The vehicle and weapon choices are staggering, you have tones of air, sea and land vehicles to choose from and once found or unlocked you can use the rebel supply drop to get what ever toys you want within seconds. This not only enables you to again change the way in which the battle takes place but also gives you strategic advantage. I went into an enemy base that way teeming with SAMs (surface to air missiles) which rendered my helicopter with rockets useless, so instead of just trying to take them out with the chopper from a distance I parachuted in and hacked the SAMs to turn them on the enemy, then I got my favourite helicopter air dropped in and went to town destroying the base. Simple’s!!

If your into collectables then Just Cause has plenty to find, ranging from tapes that explain in Di Ravello’s own words how he managed to rise through the rank in the Medici Military to where he is today to lighting candles to remember fallen hero’s. All the collectables will go towards unlocking new special weapons and vehicles to add to you arsenal.


Overall Just Cause 3 is fun, entertaining, innovative and different. Graphically is smooth, unless the action kicks up then the frame rate can be knocked massively. The music is OK but nothing that really stands out to define the game in any way.

There is plenty of hours of game play available to you, this for me is a win, games as of late have been stock piled with content to really give the £40-£50 price tag more meaning and depth to their title.

Just Cause 3 is out now on the Xbox Marketplace for £44.99

Check out the clip below for some gameplay:

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    longevity - 9/10


Just cause 3 in packed full of destruction and mayhem, when the going gets tough the frame rate can drop causing some frustration but even with that fact this title is well worth it.

Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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