Cortana headed to Xbox One for Preview members ‘by the end of the month’


A few days ago we reported that the Xbox One Preview Program – which lets users test out upcoming updates on the own consoles – was once again taking on new participants. The only way to get into the program is with a code, or by invitation from someone who is already a preview member. The Preview Program dashboard app (which members use to invite new participants) is once again allowing invitations to be issued.

Xbox One Preview ProgramAccording to Redditors, those who are already preview members – and those anxious to join the program – may have something to look forward to before the end of the year: Microsoft’s Personal Digital Assistant, Cortana.

Cortana is already available on other Windows 10 devices – including the desktop, tablet and phone environments – as well as most Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Interestingly, given the timing of the Reddit thread, everybody’s favourite blue AI also landed on iOS and Android devices this week (9 December), too. (Siri: Pipe down).

Again, we stress that invitation does not guarantee participation, but if you’re ready for Cortana to make life easier on yourXbox One (according to Microsoft) you might want to beg, borrow or steal an invitation.

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7 thoughts on “Cortana headed to Xbox One for Preview members ‘by the end of the month’”

  1. Someone please hook me up with an invite ??

  2. hvd2222 says:

    allow us to at least to turn it off if we want to.

    • Stacey Knowles says:

      You have full control over Cortana on all other Windows 10 platforms, as well as on Windows Phone 8.1 so there’s no reason to suspect that this will be different when Cortana rolls out to all. However, the role of preview members is to test new stuff, with the expectation that this may actually degrade your overall user experience, including meaning it may not function as you would like. Xbox understandably sees that as the price paid for getting to contribute to the platform. Opting out of the preview program is straightforward, though, and returns the console to the ‘regular’ state.

  3. how does one become a preview member?

    • Stacey Knowles says:

      There are only two ways:

      An invitation direct from Xbox. Sometimes Major Nelson or other personalities will give away a code for direct entry, though this is rare. It is, though, the only guaranteed route in.

      An invitation from someone already on the program. In this instance, participation is at Xbox’s discretion. Invitation does not guarantee participation.

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