ARK: Survival Evolved Hitting Xbox Game Preview December 16th

Finally after the developers teased the imminent arrival of ARK: Survival Evolved to Xbox One Game Preview, we have a release date. The highly anticipated dinosaur-hunting open-world survival game will arrive on December 16th. Jess Rapczak, co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard, went into some details about what to expect from the game.

“Our goal is to bring all this chaotic and creative spontaneous fun – the tribe building, dino-breeding, dino-combat, the weapons, armor, food, and recipe-crafting, and more to Xbox One fans with no compromises,” Said Rapczak. “Through all of this, we hope to help Microsoft build out Xbox Game Preview while giving Xbox One gamers something totally new and different than the standard updated version of old franchises. Gamers want new experiences on their consoles, and we feel that ARK, which is one of the few dinosaur games on the market, and one of the only, if not the only true multiplayer survival games on console, will bring that fresh gaming experience that helps define this generation.”

“Everything that’s in the PC version right now is on Xbox. ARK has been in Early Access development for six months, and the amount of content has easily tripled in that time while the game systems have become much more mature. Xbox Game Preview gamers are getting the benefit of all that work with a game that is much closer to launch than the one that hit Steam back in June.”

Rapczak also noted that those who purchase the Xbox Game Preview version will not have to re-purchase the game, which will carry a higher price tag when the final release happens in June 2016. They will just update their build and have the full game at the lower price. Although the price of how much ARK will be in the UK has not been revealed yet, the US version will cost $34.99. Going by this price tag, it should cost between £24 and £25.

Lastly, those who purchase the Xbox Game Preview version of ARK receive the Limited Edition Xbox-Exclusive Founder’s content. This includes an unlockable bionic ‘Tek’ T-Rex skin, ARK Founder’s Hat skin, and ARK Founder’s Trophy.

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