GTAV: New online adversary mode where Every Bullet Counts

GTAV Every Bullet Counts

Rockstar may be rumoured to be planning some Santa surprises, but they’re not full of the Christmas spirit just yet if the latest Grand Theft Auto Online adversary mode is anything to go by. In Every Bullet Counts, an intense Last Man Standing variant, combatants are dropped into a claustrophobic arena armed only with a hatchet or machete, and two bullets for their marksman pistol.

Every Bullet Counts

In each brutal encounter players have tough decisions to make. Risk your limited ammo supply for the one shot kill – where a miss will leave you exposed, or use stealth and the limited cover to get within brutal, bloody striking range but risk being picked off before you close on your quarry.

Don’t think about finding a hiding place and waiting for your pray to wander by, either. Stand still for more than five seconds and you will be visible on radar – drawing all sorts of the wrong kind of attention.

The four new maps – unique to Every Bullet Counts – include Michael’s mansion and the Tequi-la-la nightclub, which will give you some idea of the close quarters brutality you can expect.

Every Bullet Counts is available right now, and if you want to jump right in Rockstar have set up a specific playlist to get you right into the heart of the action. And cut it out while it’s still beating, probably.

Find out more from our friends at Rockstar.

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