Destiny Update – 08/12/2015

2.1.0 : The one with Sparrow Racing League

Bungie have released full details of what was in the patch everyone got yesterday. See below for details on Guardian, weapon and armour adjustments/changes –


  • The SRL event is live in the Tower until December 29th
  • Talk to Amanda Holliday to get started on Sparrow Racing Quests and Bounties
  • Race to unlock new SRL rewards
  • Check out Eververse for a new stock of items


Fixed some issues where the player could sometimes get stuck in a slow sprint speed
Players can now use charged melee attacks while tethered by Hunter’s Shadowshot ability


Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
Sunstrike: Decreased DOT Time (6.5s -> 5.5s)
Hammer of Sol: Reduced Damage Resistance during Super (-9.09%)
Hammer of Sol: Slowed Hammer travel speed by (-1.32%)
Hammer of Sol: Reduced the ability to create never ending chain of explosions
Forgemaster: Reduced Splash damage detonation radius multiplier) (-20%)
Flameseeker: Turned down Hammer tracking bonus (-25%)
Flameseeker: Removed +1 Recovery, and +1 Agility stat bonuses
Fleetfire: Addeded +1 Agility stat
Firekeeper: Added +1 Recovery stat
Cauterize: Added cooldown (0s->3s)
Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)

Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
Storm Fist: Increased base damage (+18.2%)
Overload: Now also provides faster melee recharge (+50%)
Discharge: Additional Damage (+7.69%)
Discharge: Changed AOE to spherical shape
Amplify: Increased Super energy bonus (+30%)
Headstrong: Now also provides Faster Sprint
Transfusion: Improved cooldown (5s->2s)
Unstoppable: Now provides +2 Armor (+1 additional)
Unstoppable: Increased damage resistance (+25%)
Juggernaut: Improved Shield health (+14.3%)
Juggernaut: Now works when airborne
Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)

Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
Ward of Dawn: Recharged Grenade and Melee Abilities on Super cast
Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)


Auto Rifles
Small increase to base damage
Low RoF (Suros Regime, An Answering Chord): 3% increase from previous base damage
Med RoF (Zhalo Supercell, Paleocontact JPK-43): 7% increase from previous base damage
High RoF (Arminius-D, Necrochasm): 4% increase from previous base damage

Pulse Rifles
Reduced base damage
Low RoF (The Messenger, Spare Change): 9% reduction from previous base damage
Med RoF (Hawksaw, No Time To Explain, Red Death): 8% reduction from previous base damage
High RoF (Bad Juju): 8% reduction from previous base damage
Highest RoF (Grasp of Marok): 2% reduction from previous base damage
Reduced damage falloff to start between Auto Rifle and Hand Cannon ranges
A low range Pulse Rifle will have shorter damage falloff than an average Hand Cannon
A high range Pulse Rifle will have farther damage falloff than an average Hand Cannon
Increased base damage against AI combatants by roughly 5%

Hand Cannons
Increased ADS Accuracy for more reliable shooting at close to medium range

Reduced damage falloff to start at melee lunge ranges
Low range falloff starts at standard melee lunge
High range falloff starts at Blink Strike lunge
Final damage falloff extends 0.5 meters longer for a smoother drop
Slower ready/put away time for all shotguns
Additional recoil on weapon fire for all Stability values
Slower reload speed for all Reload stat values
Slower time to Aim Down Sights speed for all shotguns
Slower movement speed when shotgun is held. Walk and Aim Down Sights movement is affected. Sprint is unaffected
Add 2 frames delay when firing out of sprint
Increased base damage against AI combatants by roughly 5%
Fixed Kneepad perk on Hakke shotguns

Fusion Rifles
Increased Charge Speed on fast charging Fusion Rifles. Reduce burst damage to compensate
Fusion rifles behave more predictably based on player state
Reduced Hip Fire Stability for all fusions
Increased ADS and Crouched Stability for all fusions
Reduction in carried inventory for all fusion rifles
10% increase to PvE damage bonus to offset

Sniper Rifles
Extended Sniper Rifle damage falloff so damage only reduces on very long range shots
Luck in the Chamber on Omolon Sniper Rifles now only buffs precision damage

Increased ready speed for all Sidearms

Arc and Void sword guard abilities can now survive a single Hammer of Sol

The First Curse
The First Curse perk now refills the magazine when activated, provides better Stability, better Target Acquisition, and damage falloff starts further out while the perk remains active
+25 to First Curse base range
Fixed a bug where The First Curse perk would deactivate if the player summoned their Ghost
Boost to Imprecation base range and Magazine Size

Reduced base Range by 20
Lucky bullets from Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces now deal 1.2x bonus damage (was 1.3x bonus damage)

The Chaperone
Reduced base damage. Increase precision damage scalar.

Dragon’s Breath
Remove Pyromancer and Tripod perks
Replaced with Surplus and Who’s Next
Add intrinsic perk Napalm: Rocket fires on a remote detonation trigger
Hold to trigger to fire, release trigger to detonate
Detonation drops a Solar Damage napalm canister
Reduced projectile speed to help timing of the trigger release. Reduce detonation radius of initial rocket. Reduce mag size to 1, increase Inventory

Fabian Strategy
Front Lines perk on Fabian Strategy no longer buffs Rate of Fire as a bonus modifier
Front Lines now increases the base Rate of Fire stat to highest speed
Damage per bullet is offset to match the High RoF archetype
Remove Extended Mag perk and replaced with Flared Magwell
Remove Small Bore perk and replaced with Rifled Barrel
Increased base Reload and base Stability on the weapon to help offset the benefits the removed stat upgrade were providing

Black Spindle
Removed scope upgrades from Black Spindle talent grid (Spindle only has one scope) and replaced with Barrel upgrades

Super Good Advice
Reduced chance that SGA returns ammo on missed shot by 20%
Added a chance for SGA to pull inventory ammo into magazine on landed shot

Sleeper Simulant
Maximum inventory ammo buffed (from 7 -> 9)
Ammo swap exploit removed (weapon no longer converts one ammo from a different heavy weapon to a full inventory)
Inventory no longer benefits from Fusion Rifle armor perks, but does benefit from Heavy Ammo armor perks


Exotic Collector’s Edition class armor may now be Infused and now has the Life Exotic perk to permit use with other Exotic Armor
Fixed an issue where some Rare Leg armor was not granting its bonus ammo perks to certain exotics
Fixed an issue where the Warlock Helm armor Salicin Fen II so it no longer uses a leg armor talent grid

No longer turns off tracking for rocket launchers that have tracking

ATS/8 Tarantella
Arc Damage Reduction applies to vehicles

Achlyophage Symbiote
Time you can have golden gun active is reduced

Nothing Manacles
Slightly turned down the tracking on the scatter grenade

No Backup Plans
Shotgun activating force barrier only works for defender titans

Skull of Dire Ahamkara
Has been added to the Exotic Blueprint Collection


Hive Ship
Various chests around the Hiveship will now grant Hadium Flakes instead of Wormspore

Will of Crota strike has been added to the Vanguard Strikes and Vanguard Heroic Strikes playlists

Nightfalls now awards +500 Vanguard Rep on first completion per character per week


3 of Coins are now applicable in Crucible playlists at match completions

Zone Control scoreboard now sorts players based on “Advantage Kills” (kills when their team holds 2+ zones)
Inferno Rumble now has the correct tooltip information
Mercy Rule no longer applies to the Rumble playlist
Rumble playlist must now be entered as a solo player
Classic rumble will continue to allow Fireteams up to 3

“Returning Victor” weekly bounty has been removed from rotation
Fixed some issues where some bounties were not accurately reflecting the playlist/game type they must be completed in


Heavy Ammo spawn locations have been moved away from the center of the map
Fixed an issue with a small hole in the environment

Black Shield
Adjusted Alpha Team’s Rift spawn location to make it slightly easier for Bravo to score

Fixed an issue where the teleporter would break for a player until they respawned

Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment

Fixed some issues where players were spawning in bad locations
Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment
Adjusted spawn locations for Rift game mode

Fixed some issues where players were spawning in view of an enemy

The Burning Shrine
Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment
Fixed some issues where players were spawning in view of an enemy

Fixed an issue where some players able to perch in an unfair position on an interior wall
Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment


Dead Orbit, FWC, New Monarchy, and Eris now accept certain planetary materials in exchange for their respective faction reputation
Petra now accepts Etheric Light in exchange for her respective reputation
Year 1 Dead Orbit, FWC, and New Monarchy ships may now be obtained from their respective faction reward packages
Frontier Ghost Shell can now be infused

Discarding an Exotic Shard now takes longer button press time to prevent mistaken discards

Fixed an issue where all sound was too loud across the game

Fixed a rare crash on Xbox One during sign on

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