You can now download the Sky TV APP on Xbox One

That’s correct after 2 years of waiting one of the most used applications on the Xbox 360 is now Available on Xbox One

Sky Marketing team said a few months ago it was near but would’t confirm a release date.

“Sky TV for Xbox is in development and is coming soon to Xbox One,” said Harvey Eagle,”


Well all that doesn’t matter to much now because it’s finally here.

So you might be asking HOW CAN I GET IT? Well It’s very simple… Follow these normal steps.12336380_10207212754573983_1255578599_n

  1. Enter the Store.
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Look down and you will ‘TV from Sky’ in the Newest Releases.

Make sure to click on it download and then enter all the required information…

Let us know if you’re happy with the newest App on Xbox One with a comment below.

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