GTA V Christmas Update Coming Soon?

Rumors suggest that a Christmas themed update may be just around the corner for the popular Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto 5. Within the files of GTA V, specifically a section called EventPlanning, the ID’s LOW_2_MP and XMAS_3_MP were found and had been classified as DLC. This would seem to imply that two new DLC are heading to the GTA world in the coming weeks, one to celebrate Christmas and a second part to the popular Low Riders update which added new cars to the game.


Alongside the new cars in the Low Rider 2 content three new events have been rumored. These events are titled ‘Every Bullet Counts, ‘Extraction’ and ‘Beast VS Slasher.’

Some players are also discussing a potential map expansion, though it seems unlikely that Rockstar would begin editing the game world so late into GTA’s life cycle.

As of yet there has been no official word on either the Low Riders 2 update or the Christmas update. Long time leakers and code diggers do seem to think that something big is on the way though, and if the EventPlanning code is anything to go by it could very much be the aforementioned Low Rider vehicle update and Christmas. The first low rider update was released two weeks before Halloween, many are expecting this new slew of DLC to follow that pattern.



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