Deadpool Remastered Review

So the Merc with the mouth is back…again. Re-Released on November 17 this version includes all additional DLC including two extra levels and two alternate suits, This time he’s made his way to the new generation with his self-healing, gun wielding, schizophrenic madness. The story was penned by former Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way giving the game real authenticity. So lets give you a little taste of what’s to come: The meta-story entails Deadpool threatening the employees of High Moon Studios and forcing them to make “the most awesome game ever” starring himself, hiring Nolan North as his voice actor in the process. Eventually, while tending to his pet Mr. Shuggums, Deadpool receives the finished game script. deadpool-gameplay-walkthrough-part-1-xbox-360-ps3-pc

Having not fully read the script, Deadpool sees the story of the game is set with him on a mission to assassinate corrupt media mogul Chance White. Deadpool storms White’s media headquarters, slaughtering the guards before tackling himself and White out of the latter’s penthouse window and into the sewers (apparently blowing the game’s budget by repeating the events for kicks). But White is saved by Vertigo and Arclight. Deadpool kills the latter before going after White. Deadpool stumbles upon White meeting with Mr. Sinister before having the mogul murdered by Blockbuster once knowing the mogul’s satellites under his control. This upsets Deadpool as he takes out Vertigo and Blockbuster with the intent to kill Sinister for costing him his contract. But Sinister takes out Deadpool before he and Blockbuster leave.

Playing through Deadpool feels about as schizophrenic as its main character. If your into you dick and fart jokes with a hint of sexism Deadpool is right up your alley, as much as it is a corn-fest it is utterly hilarious and a true refresh to gaming. As much as I love Deadpool as a character and what Nolan North has done with him, it really feels like High Noon played it safe with this action game, there is nothing really original here. Nolan North’s performance is the real candle in the dark for this title.


For everyone familiar with Deadpool, this spandex-clad character is ever the anti-hero. He is a long standing marvel comics classic. Deadpool was on the Weapon X programme, the same as Wolverine, after an experimental procedure he was given regenerative abilities which sent him insane, he is very much self-aware that he is in fact a comic book character. For that reason he also knows he’s a video game character. This is actually the bases of the story, by forcing High Moon to make a game about him (after blowing up high moons HQ), Deadpool trashes the script they send over and begins to make his own game. The hilarity starts from here, the story isn’t the strongest you’ll play but it is quite possibly the funniest.

Fully armed with his famous dual katanas, dual pistols and a healthy dose of Chimichangas, Deadpool sets out to slice, dice and shoot the living hell out of anything he can while. You can tell the writer loved bringing the psychotic character to life, the game is full of pokes at video game cliches. Deadpool’s constant arguments and conversations with the voices in his head help to drive you through the dry storyline. Nolan North’s amazing voicing really drives the narrative.


As this is a Remastered title of the original 360 version, one of my main focuses was to test out the graphics and gameplay as much as possible, this for me was an area of concern, you can see a difference in the graphics but not a big enough leap and because of that the price tag is certainly cause for concern.. Graphically Deadpool looks good but feels like its not far from a direct port from the 360 version. The gameplay was great, hacking, slashing and teleporting your way through each level with the insanely funny dialogue, not to mention the game is chock full of parodies which change everything up; from a first-person shooter to a 2D side-scroller to a top-down old-school roguelike, the title does a great job of turning gags into meaningful sections of gameplay.

continuing on with gameplay the only draw back can be repetition, your combat is all based on batman-style chain fighting with an added flavour of gun play, dont get me wrong its nice to chop some limbs off the enemies (trust me there is plenty) but there is not enough variety in the attacks and it starts becoming the same old thing quickly. I came across a few boss type enemies on my play through that honestly took my constant attacks with 2 large razor sharp Katanas like champs. Sadly there’s just not much to it, with the campaign running around seven hours depending on the difficulty. There is a wave-based arena mode as well, but that’s pretty forgettable. And this is the biggest problem with Deadpool – the campaign is so enjoyable that, once you’ve played through it, there’s pretty much nothing else to do. You can play through the title again, but you’ll see the jokes coming (and where is the fun in that?)

Lastly, Deadpool is almost nearly devoid of secrets and collectibles: a huge disappointment for a game that parodies videogames and stars a superhero. If you’re expecting to unlock alternate costumes, comic book pages, or really anything that’ll entice you into replaying the 10 or so hours of action a second or third time, you’ll be a sad puppy.

Deadpool is out now on the Xbox Marketplace for £44.99

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  1. ok to play but not worth a remaster

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