LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack Review

So finally the Doctor enters a Lego world on Video Games in Lego Dimensions and we’re not just on about any Doctor. It’s THE Doctor, Doctor Who of course! But what can he bring in this Level Pack? Time to find out.

Let’s start off with what you get when you open the box. As you can see from the photo below it’s in fact The Doctor, K-9 and TARDIS. Of course there have been many Doctors over the programme’s 50 year history and there’s no way they could include all of them on the physical side, but you’ll be pleased to know there are 12 doctors to play in-game.

We all remember recently the great David Tennant or Matt Smith – everyone has their favourite! But of course developers TT Games had to go with the current Doctor, good old Peter Capaldi. And we must admit they make him look fantastic!


The following abilities below become available for you to use throughout the Lego Dimensions universe when you decide to purchase the Doctor Who Level Pack the retail price of this is £29.99 and for any Doctor Who fan it’s a must. Please remember you need the Starter pack to play this RRP £89.99

  • Doctor Abilities

Sonic Screwdriver (Utilizes said object to solve various obstacles)
Regeneration (Changes his own appearance after getting killed off in game)
Fix-It Ability

  • TARDIS Abilities

Flight Dock
Cargo Hook

  • K-9 Abilities

Destroy Silver Blocks
Ruff Rover
Laser Cutter

Let’s kick on to the story line. It’s called The Dalek Extermination of Earth. In true Doctor Who style, The Doctor has discovered a hidden message in the TARDIS memory banks from his future self!  Your role is to help The Doctor in his bid to rewrite the future and save the day, of course!

Jump into the portal at the start and you’ll see yourself dropped off in the TARDIS on a street in London where the Daleks are pretty much destroying everything, as Daleks are wont to do. You’ll need to get to safety pretty quickly.

While we’re on the Daleks we have to say the game has captured them perfectly – the sound is truly brilliant as they trundle about shouting “Daleks are the masters of earth! Daleks are the masters of earth!” In fact, all the sounds and voices in the game are fantastic, and really transport you to a world of adventure and Saturday evening TV!

Back to the story – your mission is to travel through time and space to prevent the Dalek invasion from happening. There are 14 towns to select from, and although some are locked at the start of the game you’re able to select the one you really need: Central London 2015.

The TARDIS, too, is great fun to play with, and you will be flying all over the place like I did. Sooner or later, though, you’ll want to get back to saving the Earth (you are playing The Doctor, after all!) and that means finding a power source to break down the Daleks’ force field.

Don’t worry – no spoilers! I won’t go more into the storyline as you’ll want to do that for yourself! But I will say it’s a fantastic story – just like the Doctor Who episodes we all truly love. You can tell that TT Games worked really hard on this Level Pack and wanted to create an adventure world that would stun fans of the series. There are multiple quests allowing you to fight many enemies from the franchise including Daleks, Cybermen, and Zygons.

Overall: It’s the best level pack so far – and that’s hard for me to say as a massive back to the future fan.!

Don’t forget to have a look at this awesome video below from the LEGODimensions Youtube channel.

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