Final Fantasy 7 remake confirmed for Xbox One

Final Fantasy is returning to our screens and im just gonna say it now OMG in so excited!!

FF7 was one of the most iconic title ever to grace a console.

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The long-awaited title in the franchise which has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere, is making the return to the current generation of consoles. Up to now, it was rumored to only be available for PlayStation 4. Some major outlets even called it an exclusive for some odd reason.

Well, it is no longer in doubt. Final Fantasy 7 remake will release on both consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox gaining access to the software later than Sony’s product. This information was revealed during the PlayStation Experience which occurred today. There isn’t any doubt anymore.

What do you think of this news? Are you a Final Fantasy player?

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5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 remake confirmed for Xbox One”

  1. possibly best news ever!!!!!!

  2. Enclave says:

    I watched the Playstation Experience, they never announced this. The closest that was said that it’s having its console debut on the PS4 but that isn’t saying it’s coming to Xbox. If you ask me Final Fantasy VII coming to the Xbox depends on how well Final Fantasy XV sells on the console.

  3. Edi says:


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