Destiny: Weekly Update 03/12/2015 | Titans get a tune up

Destiny Weekly Update

After last week’s truncated Thanksgiving update, Guardians looking to get their teeth into something more juicy than turkey in this week’s Destiny Update might be a little disappointed. There’s a distinct lack of solid news in the update this week – but the separate December Class Tuning update has some big, important things to say about the Subclasses – Titan Sunbreakers in particular!

What do we know: the next game update for Destiny The Taken King is due to drop next week, and Bungie reminds of some of the impending changes they’ve already told us about: weapon tuning, new (and returning) exotics and some changes to shopping opportunities.

About those Titans… Bungie has hinted for a few weeks now that there will be some balancing of the new Supers over the winter season – starting with Titan Sunbreakers in the 2.1.0 Patch due next week.

Titan Sunbreaker

The Whys and Wherefores are laid out in full by Bungie, with more statistics and graphs than you can shake a giant flamey hammer at, so head over to Bungie’s site to either agree wholeheartedly or complain bitterly (you pays your glimmer, you takes your choice).  For Guardians who like to get straight to the point, here’s the summary: Titan (Solar) Sunbreakers will become less powerful, Striker (Arc) Titans will get an offensive boost, and Void (Defender) Titans will get a defensive and support boost. The full list:



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Sunstrike: Decrease DOT Time (6.5s ->5.5s)


  • Hammer of Sol: Reduce Damage Resistance during Super (-9.09%)
  • Hammer of Sol: Slow Hammer travel speed by (-1.32%)


  • Forgemaster: Reduce Splash damage detonation radius multiplier (-20%)
  • Flameseeker: Turn down Hammer tracking bonus (-25%)
  • Flameseeker: Remove +1 Recovery, and +1 Agility stat bonuses
  • Fleetfire: Added +1 Agility stat
  • Firekeeper: Added +1 Recovery stat
  • Cauterize: Added cooldown  (0s -> 3s)


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Storm Fist: Increase base damage (+18.2%)
  • Overload: Now also provides faster melee recharge (+50%)
  • Discharge: Additional Damage (+7.69%)
  • Discharge: Changed AOE to spherical shape
  • Amplify: Increased Super energy bonus (+30%)


  • Headstrong: Now also provides Faster Sprint
  • Transfusion: Improve cooldown (5s ->3s)
  • Unstoppable: Now provides a total of +2 Armor (+1 additional)
  • Unstoppable: Increased damage resistance (+25%)
  • Juggernaut: Improved Shield health (+14.3%)
  • Juggernaut: Now works when airborne


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)


  • Ward of Dawn: Recharge Grenade and Melee Abilities on Super cast


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)


So there we have it. Titans tuned. But Bungie have said the other classes are being looked at, too…

Last week, the new Challenge Mode dropped for  the Kings Fall Raid – offering up a unique emblem for those able to slay the Warpriest boss in a particular way. According to the Bungie abacus, 339,900 Guardians now have the to bear that emblem, “Worm God’s Servant’. Next week’s Challenge moves to Golgoroth. Get ready, Guardians!

Bungie have shared some information about Refer-a-Friend requests that seem stuck at the ‘Pending’ stage.

We are aware of reports that some players are currently stuck in “Pending Referral” status, stating that the Referee has yet to purchase Destiny: The Taken King. If you are experiencing this issue, please take note of the following:
  • Pending Referrals may take up to an hour to complete after being accepted by a Referee.
  • Ensure that the Referee has purchased, installed, and played Destiny: The Taken King under their personal PlayStation Network or Xbox Live profile. If they have not, they will be under “Pending Status” until this requirement has been met.
  • If the Referee is within 7 days of playing Destiny: The Taken King for the first time, the Pending Referral may need to be cancelled, and the Veteran will need to issue a new Referral code.
If a Pending Referral is cancelled after the 7 day time limit, New Player/Referee status will be lost. After 7 days players are considered Veterans and can no longer accept referrals.

Finally, Tess Everis over at Eververse will get a stock refresh come next week’s update. If you are a microtransaction-friendly sort of Guardian, you may want to pick up any emotes you like the look of but haven’t purchased yet. Bungie has explained that her current stock will be put “in some bags you can still acquire with some Silver, but their contents will be less direct and predictable.”

And that’s all she wrote, folks! Stay tuned for more information as we have it, and check the full update on the Bungie site.

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