Call Of Duty – Things You Love And Hate

Surely I can’t be the only one that loves and hates things from Call Of Duty

We all know of the phenomenon that is ‘Call Of Duty’, the series first started way back in 2003 (October the 29th to be precise). We take the role of a military persona and it’s our actions that save the day in most cases, a sure fire set up that makes for some truly great gaming. But for me, this is the only series out there that makes me love and hate things at the same time. I’m fairly sure that lots of us out there can relate to this, but for me ‘Call Of Duty’ does this in a very unique fashion – let me explain what I mean:

Campaign Mode


I love the campaign modes from all of the titles, they have taken me from the darkest scenarios imaginable right into space. Mission variation is also well thought out, sometimes the stealth option is needed rather than all guns blazing. Plus who can forget the ‘No Russian’ level from Modern Warfare 2, this level will stay with me forever due to the hard hit they delivered. You have to hand it to them, they know who to make a good campaign which makes you want to complete the mode and find out the ending.

I also hate the campaign mode, I often find myself with the ‘WTF’ look on my face. At times it seems like if it can go wrong – then it will, how many occasions has the enemy been someone close to home without being spotted. Sorry in advance for mentioning this, who remembers ‘Downfall’ from World At War? How many grenades and how did they always manage to land in my shirt pocket, as you can tell I’m still bitter about this level. Another point is the AI team mates you have, there is no bigger untruth out there than the following shout:

You go, I’ll cover you

They don’t cover you, the whole enemy team focuses fire on you while your team sits back and watches.



 Playing online is a massive part of the ‘Call Of Duty’ franchise, teaming up with players from around the world is amazing. With so many modes to choose and play, it is basically never ending. I also find it’s great to team up with a load of friends, get some banter going and normally game until the early hours of the morning. The objective modes appeal to me more than shoot or be shot modes, but sometimes a few rounds of ‘Free For All’ can be somewhat refreshing. Plus levelling up through the guns, attachments and prestige emblems is always a good way of showing your skills and commitment.

Multiplayer is also something that really grinds my gears, I can see a few of you all nodding. From being put into a team that has basically lost to games with lag issues, many a controller has nearly been launched. Plus have you ever experienced the feeling of being shot by someone that wall jumped, performed a 720 spin while quick scoping – it’s the same feeling as standing on an upturned plug (rage quit quickly follows). Ah yes, almost forgot everyone’s favourite hate – the camper. Those who have the most stealth like set up and always found in corners or bushes, popping up like a Meerkat but in the same place the whole game.

Season Pass

season pass

We all love saving money, it’s part of our nature. So when an offer comes along saying we can get a shed load of content for a discount price, our ears prick up and we get an urge to buy. Plus we normally get a few goodies thrown in as well like emblems, weapon camos etc. I like the season pass also for the ease, pay once then download when it is available.

What drives me insane is quite simply – why? We shell out the money for the game but a season pass makes it seem like it’s not finished yet, in a way we buy half a game now and the pay in advance for the other half when it’s ready. I got caught out once, paid for a season pass and the game and hated it so much I didn’t download the extras – money down the drain.

So now I ask, how many of you can agree with me here? It’s so strange how ‘Call Of Duty’ can be so loved and hated at the same time. There’s no denying that it is one of, if not the most, successful franchises out there. I think we all follow these points, I know I have

  • Hear about new ‘Call Of Duty’ and get involved in the hype
  • Watch videos of the game and think it looks amazing so pre-order
  • Get the game and play it until I can’t keep my eyes open
  • Get bored and then think the previous ‘Call Of Duty’ was much better
  • Take a break and play different games
  • Start playing ‘Call Of Duty’ and think it’s great again

That right there is a yearly cycle for me ever since the first ‘Modern Warfare’ and right up to now with ‘Black Ops 3’, as much as I hate certain aspects – the love for the same aspects always win.

I would love to know what you love and hate about ‘Call Of Duty’, let me know in the comments.

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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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