Super Party Sports: Football Review

Are you ready for the wildest Football party ever? Charge up your Football, calculate power and shoot down every rival in your way.

Super Party Sports: Football was originally released as mobile game, it has finally managed to make its way to Xbox One. Handy Games has given us a fun, whacky puzzle football game with a twist, you take control of a team and instead of just scoring goals with skills you have to kill the opposing team the score a goal!! (Tough Love) This puzzle football title also doubles up as a pretty fun strategy title too, surprisingly. You get the feeling of playing a worms type game using all your players to destroy the opposing team and score your had earned goal. The puzzle element of this title is what makes it fun, not only are you blasting footballs all over the pitch but you have to use your power up meter to navigate the ball through small holes and over referees that will pop your ball on sight and kill the player who kicked it!


I played a few cups (proudly managed to get to cup 6) this football game is more of an all our war game with footballs as the weapon and goal posts as the target. The physics system behind Super Party Footie is good, you’ll have to bounce the ball off ledges and the terrain in order to kill the opposite team and score,  the opposing team start out simple, after a few level you start to come up against harder opponents with helmets. The levels after the first few are made up to not just be entertaining but also challenging, I found myself having to reset quite a few times in order to figure out the best strategy in order to complete the match as quick as I could (I hate not getting the best score). Much like most app style games it consists of a level by level completion system which so in order to progress to new and harder cups further on you will need to complete your current level, sounds easy right?…….nope! This game at times can be very stressful in a good way. The more cups you can complete (1-3) will go towards your high score.


The initial game being in the app world makes sense, this isn’t a very big title but with the complexities it can give and the number of levels to complete it will keep you going for a few hours at least. Graphically its a great port over, the players, stadiums and crowds are all very vibrant and bright. The cartoons are pretty funny to see as your knocking off heads. It terms of content there isn’t very much on offer here, you have your set cups that once completed there isn’t much replay value unless you like to beat your tops score or others. surprisingly there is no multiplayer on this title yet, this for me would be an instant hit online and on Twitch but it seems to be following the current trend of indie titles. It’s a real shame but you never know it could be added at a later date.

The music is fun with is Rio Samba sounds, sound quality is on point with the crowds but its the music that really brings the game together.

If your into fun and quick indie style games with a bit of a difference Super Party Sports: Football is for you, also if your into your fun puzzle strategy style sports games then this game is also for you, prepare yourself for some fun flaming ball shoot outs in this fun footie game!

Super Party Sports football is due to be released on 4/12/2015 check out my video below for a look at the gameplay:

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    sound - 7/10


If you like quirky new games with a twist then this title is for you, I really liked the way the puzzle, strategy and physics style game was brought together under the football title

Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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