Microsoft Corporate Vice President Believes In HoloLens Uniqueness

2016 is looking to be an especially bright year for the Microsoft corporation, especially when it comes to Xbox and it’s surrounding endeavors. Chief of these potential gold mines for Microsoft is their up and coming HoloLens technology.

Microsoft first showed off the HoloLens at this years E3 conference, creating a 3D and interactive Minecraft world on a tabletop. A mass launch may still be a significant way off, but Microsoft is firm in the belief that they are the only company that can develop the tech to its fullest potential.

During the Credit Suisse Technology Conference Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, commented on how different the HoloLens technology is.

“HoloLens is a vision that I think no one is really touching on. This is not virtual reality; this is what we call mixed reality that really no other system is really going after.”

Unlike the virtual realities of the Samsung GearVR and the Oculus the HoloLens is able to project virtual environments onto the real world, as seen in the Minecraft demo earlier this year. However since the aforementioned demo we haven’t heard much about the HoloLens. Fans are desperate to know when they may be able to pick up a HoloLens and try it out for themselves, but if Microsoft’s silence is anything to go by they may be waiting for quite a while.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Corporate Vice President Believes In HoloLens Uniqueness”

  1. Lex says:

    I think we all do. Just dying to get our hands on them 😉

  2. Kain NL says:

    they’re so quiet about it because they first have to announce the X1 V2 with better specs because the current 1 can’t handle it

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