Battlefield 5 ‘Armageddon’ Leaked?

The Battlefield series is one of the most popular first person shooters around, and after the success of Battlefield 4 it is safe to say that another numbered installment to the franchise wouldn’t be too hard to consider. The first bits of information on that next installment may have already started to trickle down the pipelines.

Reddit user Anarkipt was searching IMDB for information on Steve Jablonksy, a composer who worked on music for Gears of War 2, and found something altogether more interesting listed on the musicians page. A listing for Battlefield 5: Armageddon (Video Game), which on IMDB is slated to release on November, 23rd 2016.

Clicking through to Armageddon’s page brings us to a stunted article. It reads as thus:

“This game is about a small town soldier who is in battle for japan. He must fight to get home to his family and friends.”

Of course this is very little to go on, not revealing too much about the story or events of the game at all. Immediately it does conjure images of world war 2, considering the current public demand for a world war shooter to return in some form it would certainly be a good move for DICE to make. However, there are more scraps of information on the IMDB page that could help set a very different tone for the potential future release.

The game is set as Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi in the IMDB genre’s section. This would imply some sort of future war or scenario, more so than Battlefield 4. It would also be tough for DICE to create a compelling World War 2 story whilst focusing on a Japanese protagonist. When it comes to the second world war the Japanese were considered the enemy by Ally forces, and thus suddenly playing as a member of the Axis could potentially be jarring and even offensive to some. Further more, Alex Yu is rumored to be voicing a character called Nathan Chang, who is further identified as a Tech Agent. I can’t imagine anyone being dubbed a Tech Agent in the heart of the second world war.

It’s important to note how tenuous this IMDB post truly is, however. Many things can end up on IMDB and then going absolutely no where, so getting your hopes up at this juncture may not be advised. It is incredibly early in the year for such a game to have information leaked, and more often than not in situations like these the information is out of date or wrong completely.

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