Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Review

Three Fourths Home is a visual short story in which players assume the role of Kelly during her drive through the storm. In the 20 miles between her grandparents’ crumbling barn and her parents’ home, she receives a phone call from her mother. While driving through a stylized representation of rural Nebraska, players must navigate an extended conversation between Kelly and her parents and younger brother. Three Fourths Home takes a look into a specific moment of these characters’ lives and their relationships with one another. The narrative touches on a variety of issues affecting Kelly and her family, including disability, adulthood, and familial obligation.

TFH_10_The Barn

The Story is set up as a race against time, but centered on the dialogue around her personal problems and family relationship. The story starts off with Kelly being at her grandparents old homestead 20 miles out from her parents. On returning to her car Kelly receives a phone call from here worried mother finding out where she is.

After getting into her car, you journey begins, as for controller movements there’s not many at all, the car movement consists of Right Trigger acting as the accelerator, and A and X acting as your main conversation buttons between Kelly and her family. As long as you keep your finger on the trigger the miles will lessen to Kelly’s parents house. The start of the conversation begins with Kelly’s mother asking why she’s out the really bad weather that is sweeping across Nebraska. As you will find out the weather is terrible, but you don’t have to worry about and weather based hazards, like flooding or fallen trees. Instead you will be focus on the conversation happening on the screen too.

TFH_07_Power Lines

As you progress on Kelly’s Journey home you will find them talking about their lives and personal matters and there fears of her dad being an alcoholic father, as well as her brother who is portrayed as having a mental illness. You will find at points having a three way conversation between, Kelly’s Mother and Brother or Mother and Father, But the main bulk of the conversation is between Kelly and her Mother.

Similar to Telltale’s Minecraft Storymode, the player choices matter in Three Fourths Home. The players choice will invoke different outcomes in the conversation, via the text on the lower half of the screen. While the conversation is happening at the bottom of the screen you will be taken through the recreated and ever changing long boring Nebraskan road. For example of an option you have in the long conversation the player has the option to make Kelly say, she saw her dad first thing in the morning, or he wasn’t up when she left.

The Storyline is very short lasting twenty five to thirty minutes and conclude rather quickly without any warning. The Story does start off slow, but picks up pace five to ten minutes in as the player choices become more frequent. With Three Fourths Home being about Kelly’s personal and family life, you slowly become and feel part of the family as you are making the decisions on some of the issues and items talked about.


Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition has additional Story to it, it’s also the similar in length twenty five to thirty minutes. The second Chapter or prologue is based on Kelly again but in Minnesota –  This is where Kelly went to school before returning to live back with her parents. The prologue starts off with Kelly in a snowstorm waiting for a bus. where the choice of another conversation with her Mother can be had, but you do have the chance to opt out of it, but I will mention now you won’t get the full benefit of skipping the conversation. The Prologue again revolves around personal and family issues but between Kelly and her Mother but as its spoken it like they are talking about the past.

TFH_11_Epilogue Opening

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition is developed by [bracket] Games, after reading up on the team behind the game I was shocked to see it was written, designed, art work and programmed all by one person, Zach Sanford. The music to the game is produced and performed by Neutrino Effect.

You can find Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition on the Xbox Store as the price of £3.99 which is great value.

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