Xbox One Black Friday Sales “Really Strong”

Hey there gamers, first of all congratulations if you are reading this as it means you survived the chaos of the infamous Black Friday. So what bargains did you snatch for a ridiculously low price, you all must have got something good as apparently all those crazy Black Friday sales have helped Microsoft sell a lot of Xbox One consoles and lets not forget games of course!

Aaron Greenberg who is the Head of Marketing for Xbox, has said recently that the company’s newest console ‘Xbox One’ has enjoyed “really strong Black Friday” sales.



Of course the sales figures have not yet been released due to Black Friday ending just last weekend, initial reports show consoles going as low as £240 on Amazon and eBay outlets. We’re confident that people didn’t leave it there for that price, the Xbox One was £429 on release back in 2013 so that is one tasty looking price tag.

Adobe released some data earlier that showed that Xbox One and PS4 were among the biggest sellers of any electronics this past Black Friday but that’s not surprising…..

What was your ultimate Black Friday purchase, did you get that console you wanted, that game you absolutely had to have or that accessory to give you the edge against the others – let us know in the comments.

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