Star Wars: Battlefront Balancing Patch Angers Players

The latest update to EA’s shooter Star Wars: Battlefront has gone live and has been aimed at balancing gameplay. This has angered large portions of the community due to the ‘nerfing’ of certain weapons. The official patch notes contain these vague explanations of the fixes within the latest patch.

General bug fixes for vehicles and physics improvements

 Game modes balancing tweaks

 HUD UI adjustments

 Audio optimisations 

General crash and stability fixes 

Online traffic performance improvements

 Various text fixes for all languages

 General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer

The patch notes do not outright state which weapons have been nerfed, or even if any weapons have been nerfed at all. Naturally the balance changing of weapons could come under ‘Game mode balancing tweaks‘, but the lack of explicit confirmation has only riled the community further. Views from the community are of course mixed, comments ranging from “How dare they nerf my favorite weapon!” and “Thank God they nerfed that OP weapon!”, as well as plenty of other more colourful remarks.


Some have reported that the Star Card Barrage, which grants the user an MPL-57 to fire off a trio of grenades with a short fuse, has had its delay lengthened in order to allow enemies an easier chance to run away. The DL-44 pistol, unlocked at rank 25 and used by Han Solo in the Star Wars movies, has been weakened.

This patch has released alongside the Battle of Jakku free DLC which features an entire new playable environment. There has been no official confirmation of the nerfs at this juncture.

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Battlefront Balancing Patch Angers Players”

  1. Emilio says:

    I have already sold on my copy of the game. Got bored very quickly….

  2. love the battle of Jakku dlc

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