Raiden V will be an Xbox One Exclusive, arrives February 2016

Fans of old-school classic shoot-em-ups will be no stranger to the Raiden series. Raiden took the classic vertical-scroller design of the seminal Xevious, put ground and aerial enemies on the same plane, and added more guns and more explosions. Lots of guns. Lots of explosions. It was the Raiden series that paved the way for the true ‘bullet-hell’ shooters like Batsugun and Radiant Silvergun.

New series Developers Moss have announced Raiden V will launch for the Xbox One in Japan on 25 February 2016 – twenty five years on from the first game in the series. Moss – who took over the reins when original developers Seibu Kaihatsu closed – have explained that the game will make full use of the Xbox One’s cloud infrastructure. The game will continually cloud-source information about enemy strengths and weaknesses, effectiveness of particular weapons, and routes through tricky sections, based on the evolving experiences of the player base. In concept, this sounds like what From Software has done with the Souls series, and makes for an interesting addition to a traditional shmup.

Raiden V

Moss have also explained that stages will change in real-time based on the actions of the player and their friends, and players can receive a boost from other players online using what Moss are describing as the game’s “Cheer System.”

Raiden V will cost 7,992 yen at retail (about £45) and 7,344 yen via the Xbox Live Store (about £40). First-run retail versions will include the original soundtrack CD.

Our take: Raiden IV was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 (and PS3) in Japan and later in the US, but never saw a European release. Here’s hoping Raiden V makes its way to our shores; the marketplace is more global than ever before and Xbox One games aren’t Region-locked, so we think it makes sense to maximise the player base. While we are waiting, why not vote for Raiden IV to make an appearance in the Backwards Compatibility list?

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