Rainbow Six: Siege Could Have A Rocky Launch

In recent years Ubisoft have become known for releasing games that are glitchy and seem unfinished. Large patches have become expected very soon after the launch of one of their games. Assassins Creed: Unity is a prime example of this. Now it looks as if the developers upcoming game Rainbow Six: Siege won’t be any different.

The recent Beta of Rainbow Six: Siege has shown us that there are still big issues with the game and Ubisoft don’t have very much time to rectify these problems. These only adds to the controversies already surrounding the game, with already existing issues with micro- transactions and strange season passes.rainbowsixseige3

The main issues seem to be with servers and matchmaking. Matchmaking tends to have the habit of failing and leaves players in a state of limbo. There is also the problem of players been left in a constant search for team mates. These two things alone go beyond the lines of frustrating. There were also problems with player invites and bugs with the in-game menus.

The only real game changing issue with actual gameplay was quite a big one. It seems that in every few games players would be unable to respawn. This would mean that a players team could achieve a flawless victory but not score the points for it.rainbowsixseige1

These are things that Ubisoft can fix but whether they can achieve this before the game launches on December 1. Hopefully they will manage to fix most of the problems with only a small patch needed after launch, but we will have to wait and see.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Six: Siege Could Have A Rocky Launch”

  1. Chrisprice says:

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game yes it will because UBI servers are So bad.

  2. @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game What game doesn’t have one these days. Especially if they have MP on it. Especially when MP only. 😛

  3. “: Rainbow Six: Siege Could Have A Rocky Launch – https://t.co/1JI3VA6eMt #Xbox @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game https://t.co/cAP2CJuP0h

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