LINX Vision 8 Gaming Tablet

So your busy wandering the wasteland of fallout 4 or trying to get that first place in forza and then it happens: the missus wants to watch Coronation Street or even worse…… Jeremy Kyle! What do you do? Switch off the game and sit there bored, maybe you go and put the old 360 on in the bedroom, neither are very good options to be honest. Well not now, now you can continue to play on with the LINX Vision 8 Gaming Tablet. Yippee!!

With this handy little device you can stream Xbox One games to your tablet anywhere in your home, so you have Xbox on the go! The LINX is running Windows 10 so it is all  already to go with the Xbox One. It comes with Xbox style controls on the side of the tablet for that familiar gaming feel

l_10140215_002The Xbox style buttons are also backlit so playing in low light conditions is catered for. The tablet is not just a gaming tablet for streaming games, it is also a fully useable tablet with all the normal feature’s enabled. So you can browse the net, update Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media pages, you can visit YouTube, you can also stream games from your online Steam account/PC. The LINX is a full version of Windows 10, so you have access to Microsoft Office and all the other great Windows apps and software.

Product features*

  • Windows 10 (pre-installed)
  • Stream any game from your Xbox One or PC to your tablet
  • Full Xbox controls with backlit buttons
  • Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F
  • microSD card slot for expandable storage

It is currently priced at £149.99.

*Sourced from PC World Website

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