How To Reconfigure Xbox One Controller Buttons

The release of the Xbox One Elite controller has brought with it a feature that also works on standard Xbox One controllers. On the Xbox One Dashboard’s settings application sits a nifty tool within ‘Devices and Accessories’ that allows users to change the button layout on their Xbox One controller, whether it is the Elite variant or not. The steps are simple, and this article will tell you exactly how to get it done.

Step One:

Navigate to the the Settings menu. This can be done via the top tabs or by tapping twice on your Xbox button and using the new Guide interface. In this menu select Kinect and Devices.

Step Two:

Now choose your device. Once you have selected the appropriate device you will be able to complete simple changes, configuring your button layouts to presets permanently, or select button mapping to implement complicated changes.

Step Three: 

From this position you can now change anything you want about the way your controller works. Admittedly this functionality is designed for the Elite variant of the gamepad, but it works just as well on a standard controller.

It’s as simple as that. I always preferred playing First Person Shooters with the top buttons acting as my aim and shoot buttons rather than the chunky bottom paddles, and this allows me to do that with ease. Hopefully this guide will help you in a similar fashion!

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