Sociable Soccer Kickstarter cancelled, development continues

Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to the classic 90’s Sensible Soccer series, has been pulled from Kickstarter by developer Jon Hare. The Kickstarter was pulled after it became clear the project wasn’t going to get anywhere close to the £300,000 Hare was looking for. Just 1,767 backers collectively pledged £32,498, just over 10% of the required funding.

All is not lost though; Hare said the project had generated a great buzz and development is continuing “full tilt” despite the Kickstarter being pulled. Hare also pledged to let fans know more about how the game – destined for Xbox One, PS4 and PC – will be brought to market.

The few seconds of gameplay we’ve seen from Hare’s working prototype is wonderfully reminiscent of the 90’s classic:

Our take: We will keep our fingers crossed that Sociable Soccer sees the light of day despite its Kickstarter Red Card. It is the Grandaddy of football games – an absolute classic and one we believe every generation of gamer should be free to enjoy. Bringing it to current gen, with online multiplayer to boot, seems like a no-brainer and we are huge fans. Good luck, Jon!

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