Quantum Break’s final scene ‘locked’; cinematics ‘stunning’ (Updated)

Update: Thomas Puha has responded on Twitter to inform us that Stobe Harju’s comments on the ‘end scene’ are regarding the game’s cinematics and not the live-action show, which we had originally presumed.

Original: Well, the cinematics are stunning according to Remedy Entertainment’s head of public relations, Thomas Puha.

Although such a description from a member of the development team isn’t a particularly unbiased opinion, Quantum Break has undeniably looked good from the demo’s and trailers we’ve seen. And it turns out that what we’ve seen hasn’t even been any of the finished product:

Tantalising comments indeed, and especially so when combined with the news shared by Stobe Harju, drama director at Remedy, that the game’s end scene is set.

Whether Harju is discussing the final scene in the game or the accompanying live-action show isn’t obvious, though his latter tweet suggests that it may be the live-action show given the branching nature of it.quantum-break-punch.0

In the game you’ll play as the hero Jack Joyce with the show following enemies Monarch Solutions, the decisions you make as Jack determining what you’ll see happening at Monarch. You can read more about the live-action show in an interview with creative director Sam Lake.

Quantum Break is set to make it’s time-bending appearance in April 2016. You can read a brief description of five of the game’s time powers here. For more news, reviews, competitions and articles, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check out our YouTube and Twitch channels!

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2 thoughts on “Quantum Break’s final scene ‘locked’; cinematics ‘stunning’ (Updated)”

  1. So, Stobe meant in-game cinematics. Live action is done by Lifeboat Productions. Not Remedy. https://t.co/fVhPGqz2QI

  2. Alex Lynch says:

    @AverageCharles this game still exists???

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