Xbox One Will Continue to Focus on Games in 2016

The Xbox One we all know and love today is a combination of hard work, determination and change for Microsoft, along with some much needed improvement after the rather terrible start the console had in 2013. So with this in mind; what are they going to be doing next year to continue the momentum they have created over the past few years? 2015 was the greatest year in the consoles history and Microsoft are looking at 2016 as being even bigger.

Programming Director Mike Ybarra has spoke out about what will be the focus of 2016, and good news, its gaming! That’s right the main focus for the company now is games, gaming and everything that goes with it, in a recent interview Mike Ybarra said:

“We are all gamers. I’m on the platform side, but I would be encouraging us as an organization to focus on games. Games are why we are all buying these consoles to play and so you go t to have a great lineup. This holiday I think Phil has done a great job. It’s in my opinion the best holiday lineup we’ve had in Xbox One. I really feel like we have to continue to focus on creating great content and great games”.


This year has been chock full of exclusive games, re-masters of some of the old favourites and of course backwards compatibility of Xbox 360 games. Next year in fact already has numerous big games in the line up: Gears of War 4, Scalebound, Doom, Quantum Break and many more, check out our previous article on games for 2016 here:

Backwards compatibility has been one of the biggest additions to the Xbox One’s arsenal this year, and going forward it will continue to grow with the addition of more games from the 360 back catalogue.

“Backwards Compatibility is part of that, it’s part of the games portfolio and value add we want to give to users. I consider Backwards Compatibility a platform feature with some of the monthly updates we do. I would bucket that feature as well. Platform runs the Xbox Live service and delivers the monthly features that you see and sort of paints the landscape of where the future hardware can go…We’re very games focused,” Mike Ybarra said.


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