Destiny: Weekly Update 26/11/2015

Destiny Weekly Update

Thanksgiving greetings, Guardians! Welcome to the holiday edition of the Destiny Weekly Update – a shorter update for a shorter week, as our friends over at Bungie take the weekend off to give thanks and spend money.

First up in this week’s update is the upcoming “Challenge Mode” due to drop in December. As we revealed, this will bring additional rewards for terminating one of the Raid bosses in a very specific manner.

It looks as though the Maths Wizards (US translation: Math Wizards) have been sharpening their pencils this week and have shared some interesting Player Versus Player analysis. First up, one of the common complaints is that on asymmetric maps like Rusted Lands, the initial spawn locations will favour one team over another. After a bit of careful adding up and taking-away-the-number-they-first-thought-of, this looks to be nothing more than sour grapes. Using last weekend’s trials matches on that very map Alpha won 50.128% of matches, and Bravo took home the bragging rights on 49.872%. So, good job, multiplayer designers!

A Hunter is the best weapon

After those sums were done, attention was turned to the Iron Banner, where Kill/Death ration was measured against light level. Power does matter, it seems, as the average K/D hit the magic 1.0 for those with a light level of 302. So, if you were still in the 200s and managed to kill more than you died, feel proud of your achievements, but level up for next time, bub!

Finally, Bungie are drip-feeding a little more on Refer-A-Friend, going into a bit more detail about who qualifies as a veteran and who is a referee:

Referees are new players who are looking for a referral. Referees either don’t own Destiny: The Taken King, or have owned and played Destiny: The Taken King for less than 7 days. Please note, Bungie does not support console sharing features. Referees must have purchased Destiny: The Taken King under their personal PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account in order to participate.
Veterans are existing players who are looking to send a referral. Veterans have played Destiny: The Taken King for more than 7 days and have downloaded patch 2.0.2.

If you are a veteran and you have found someone to Sherpa, you may want to point them in the direction of Destiny: The Taken King new player guide. Remember when games game with beautifully written and illustrated manuals that could be held in your hand and told you all you wanted to know about the game? Do you miss those days? Why not let us know in the comments?

Read the full update on the Bungie website.

Our take: One of the nice things about the Xbox One is being able to share your Gold account with your household. An increasing number of families have multiple consoles, and being able to share downloaded games is not only a money-saver but has social benefits too. So we find it particularly disappointing that Bungie does not support this practice. If you want to Sherpa a sibling, parent or offspring, they will need to spring for a second copy of Destiny: The Taken King. Poor show, Bungie, and a decision we do not give thanks for.

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