Seagate Game Drive review

It’s thought that the human brain has an infinite capacity for memory. We cannot fill it up. We can forget – memories can be lost to us unless we’ve the right method of recollection – but that’s not because our brain has ran out of storage.

An Xbox One, on the other hand, very much has finite storage. Enter the Seagate Game Drive with its spacious 2 terabytes, Microsoft’s own hard drive developed with digital storage extraordinaires Seagate. Also compatible for Xbox 360, we tested in on Xbox One.Seagate-Game-Drive-for-Xbox-2TB-Green-2

Except it isn’t 2TB’s worth of storage, it’s “only” 1.8TB. As with most devices the number on the box isn’t what you get in reality due to the decimal capacity and binary discrepancy, where 2TB in decimal equates to 1,862GB in binary. Still plenty of space to be getting on with, and mentioned largely because it’s one of only two potentially off-putting points we can find with the Seagate Game Drive. The other is price, which will be discussed at the end.

It’s immediately striking upon opening the box how small the Game Drive is, approximately 11.5cm in height, 8cm in width, and 1.2cm in depth. With such petite dimensions you’re unlikely to have many problems finding somewhere alongside your Xbox One for it to sit, but go alongside your Xbox it will have to due to the short USB 3.0 cable. Approximately 44cm in length with connectors taken into account, it’s a decent length but restricts placement of the hard drive, a problem if you want to rest it elsewhere – perhaps out of sight if the green top offends your aesthetic tastes.
Setting the Game Drive up is quick and painless. A small light will flash on IMG_8640the device when it’s in use or remain constant when idle; upon first plugging it into the Xbox One you’ll see the flashing as a message pops up on screen notifying you that the hard drive isn’t formatted. The Xbox provides an option to format, the process taking mere seconds.

Next you’ll be asked if you’d like to name your hard drive. You can pick any moniker your heart desires so long as it’s within 12 characters – we chose ‘Gustave’ after fondly recalling the character from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

You’ll be informed that Gustave – the hard drive – is ready every time you switch your console on along with a message stored in the New Xbox One Experience notifications tab. In order to stop this you’d have to stop all console notifications, so do choose a name you’re fond of.

Moving content onto the hard drive is simple, with sections in My Games & Apps giving you the option to view All, Internal or External hard drives. As for speed, moving all five episodes of Life is Strange – 16.8GB – took around 3 minutes, while The Elder Scrolls Online with 9.51MB of DLC – a total of 62.6GB – took around 13 minutes. You can play a game while this happens in the background, however.


Finally, price. Although out of stock on Seagate’s website the Game Drive is currently available online elsewhere for £79. So is the Seagate 2TB Expansion hard drive, having the exact same dimensions, a 3.0 USB connection, that Xbox 360 compatibility – it’s basically the same thing for £20 less.

Of course prices can change and availability is never a given, in which case the Seagate Game Drive is worth a  purchase for that extra memory.

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While the Seagate Game Drive is a breeze to use and entirely recommendable, the debate is between you and your wallet as to whether or not the £20 for official plastic branding is worth it.

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