Destiny’s Armsday update | 25 November 2015

Your favourite arms dealer is back in town with new batches of weapons to test and weapons to order. If you have just joined Destiny – perhaps through the refer a friend scheme – you’ll want to know what the score is.

Armsday is your weekly opportunity to test out some guns for Banshee-44, and place an order for some legendaries which will be delivered on the following Armsday. Oh, your non-Guardian friends know Armsday by its rather more esoteric title, “Wednesday.”

This week’s guns for field testing:

  • Suros TSA-10 (auto rifle): use in the Crucible
  • Häkke Test-A (pulse rifle): use in the Crucible
  • Suros TSP-10 (pulse rifle): use against Vex
  • Suros TSR-10 (rocket launcher): use in the Crucible
  • Omolon Test RR1 (sniper rifle): use against Fallen Captains

Suros Pulse Rifle
And, if you are in the market for some new Legendaries, Banshee-44 will sidle up to you next week with your order for some (or all) of these beauties:

  • Suros DIS-47 (scout rifle)
  • Omolon Tuonela SR4 (scout rifle)
  • Omolon Kumakatok HC4 (hand cannon)
  • Omolon Uffern HC4 (hand cannon)
  • Suros PDX-45 (pulse rifle)

Don’t forget, you need to be at least Rank 1 to place an order (field-test weapons for Banshee-44 to rank up), and the higher your rank, the more orders you can place each week!

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