GTAV: Thanksgiving Top Gear Football Update

Rockstar are keeping up the good work with another Grand Theft Auto Online addition – this time bringing the spirit of Thanksgiving to Vinewood with the traditional holiday Gridiron game. Well, not exactly traditional… this is GTA, after all!

Rockstar have today launched a new Adversary mode, known as Running Back. Available at Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and Zancudo Tunnel, this mode pits two teams of up to four players per side in an American Football-inspired match up. On offense, the titular running back needs to pilot their Benefactor Panto past the other team, with the help of their team-mates driving Benefactor Biftas. On the other side, the defense will use their own Biftas in any and all ways to stop the offense.

Panta and Biftas

The mode looks like a lot of fun – actually giving us a legitimate reason for mashing our cars into those of everyone else. Other than it being huge amounts of fun, obviously. Find out more on this new mode from Rockstar.

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Note to Europeans and other non-Americans – football (the American version) plays a major part in the Thanskgiving holiday in the US of A, along with turkey, giant balloons (what?), yams (nope, no idea) and spending money on things just because they are cheap. If you want more information, it’s the episode of Friends where Joey has V.D. and everyone gets locked out.

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