Batman: Arkham Knight – January DLC and November Update

Rocksteady Studios, the people behind Batman: Arkham Knight, have announced the next DLC for the franchise. This new DLC is titled ‘The Community Challenge Pack’ and is a different take on the normal packs of the past, as the name suggests this pack is full of content chosen by you….the fans!. Rocksteady wanted to know what maps from the previous games – Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City – the fans wanted to be re-supplied and added as predator and combat maps.

Over 800 fan responses were put forward within the discussion thread, and Rocksteady have trawled through them all and decided on just exactly which of these maps will now be included, they have also included a new AR challenge in this DLC. Rocksteady have stated:

“We’ve been listening to you guys and one of the most interesting ideas the community has had is for an endless survival predator map, We made a prototype and ended up really liking it, so we’re bringing it to you in January.”


So what exactly has been added, well the list is as follows:


Wayne Manor Main Hall from Batman: Arkham City

Batcave from Batman: Arkham City

Sanatorium, Medical Facility from Batman: Arkham Asylum


Iceberg Lounge from Batman: Arkham City

Crime Alley from Batman: Arkham Knight

Monarch Theatre  from Batman: Arkham City

A new AR challenge map

This expansion is set to be released January 2016, however, it has not been announced if the DLC will be included with the games season pass or will be a stand alone price.

BAK_2016_Batman_v_Superman_Batmobile_PackA bit closer in time however is the November update, this should be here any day now as November is almost finished. Included in this next update is a new playable Catwoman section that is based around her trying to rob The Riddler in revenge for her being placed in that neck bomb from the main Arkham Knight game. There is a new Batmobile and Batsuit skin from the 2016 Batman vs Superman movie, and the usual new challenge maps. The new batmobile will make its debut along with a new track. ‘Proving Ground’ is a figure of eight style track, constructed inside of a nuclear cooling tower.

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