Background music is in the works says Mike Ybarra

Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management at Xbox, is an interesting guy. If you want to know what’s in the future for Xbox One he is definitely a guy worth listening to. In a recent interview, Mike explained that the engineering teams are taking the time needed to get things right, whether that be DirectX 12 improvements, or new features like background music.

Playing background music outside of Snap is one of the most-requested features on with over 21,000 votes, and Mike has some news for fans.

“This is something that’s on our user feedback site, it’s very high… it  is something we are looking at. I hit that [user feedback] site every single day and I want customers, users and fans to know that that is the place the Xbox development teams look at to prioritise our backlog.”

“We want to think about the right way to deliver that [background music]. We want to do that in a way that surprises fans. I relate it to screenshots, where we could have released something that was medium-quality but instead we said we really want full-resolution .PNG files, we want this to really surprise fans… We want to make sure it’s something that pleases everybody.”

Mike also spoke about Challenge achievements (those time-bound challenges that were sometimes difficult to find) and Original Xbox backwards compatibility.

Xbox One

Here at we already revealed that there will be no updates until into the new year, although Preview members will still get new stuff to check out. Will background music be one of them? Why not let us have your thoughts in the comments? And don’t forget to give Mike a follow on Twitter.

Our take: We think it’s great that the boffins behind the Xbox One are listening to their fans’ feedback to shape the future of the Xbox One. And we would encourage anyone who wants to be part of that to take Mike’s advice and hop on over to and vote for what excites you. Be nice though; I mean, how helpful are comments like this, really?

We truly support taking time to get things right; screenshots may have taken a bit longer than some would have liked, but we think capturing full-res, lossless images is a definite win.

As far as Preview goes, Xbox have a great track record in testing new features with Preview users before rolling out to everyone. Will background music hit for Preview folks soon? We’d like to think so. Bear in mind though, that transition from Preview to full deployment isn’t always fast – Wireless Display landed last April and is still only available to Preview members.

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