343 Industries Tease Halo 5’s December DLC

This December, Halo 5 is getting a major DLC content update, that will include; Forge mode, Classic weapons and new armor.

The biggest, and most noticeable addition this December, is the return of Forge mode. As in the previous games, Forge mode will allow players to create their own multiplayer maps with a set of pre-defined tools. The creativity level available in Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge mode has increased on older games with the addition of new items and options.

As well as forge mode, the content will add a new weapon in to the game. The M41 SSR rocket launcher, referred to as the SPNKr is returning to Halo 5 Multiplayer.

The Mark-IV helmet will also become available for players to equip as well. This helmet is similar to the one worn by Master Chief in 2001 entry Halo: Combat Evolved. But this helmet is a slight variation of that, as is known from the extended fiction that exists beyond the games.

And to top it off, the final thing that was teased were new weapon skins. These skins will add a gold or black flair to the weapon that it is equipped with.

The December DLC Update is not the first time 343 industries has included retro Halo fun in it’s most recent project, with November’s update that is currently available adding the beloved Big Team Battle mode to play online.

What are your thoughts on December’s DLC update? Are you enjoying the November update? Let us know in the comments, and remember to Like Xbox One UK on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and keep up to date on our Website!

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