Xbox One turns two today, here’s some stats that may interest you.

So our beloved Xbox One turns two today, having been released in it’s official launch countries on November 22nd 2013. Let’s all just take a moment of silent reflection to think about all of the many moments of escapism, gaming victories and frustrations……

Now that we’ve had our moment of reflection here’s some stats from the first two glorious years of Xbox One’s life.

• The Xbox One has been alive for 730 days.
• As of November 22, 2015, there are around 350 Xbox One games available on the Microsoft store
• With 104 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, that makes for a total of around 460 games.
• That means an all new Xbox One game has appeared on average every 2 days.
• Of those 350ish new Xbox One games, 124 are currently console exclusives
• That’s one exclusive game every six days
• 170 of the available games are from independent publishers, or 47%
• If you installed all of the Xbox one games, you would need 3.576TB of HD space
• The average install size, before patches or DLC, for the 189 games from major publishers on Xbox One is 16.6GB
• It’s estimated that as of the end of October 2015, 15.6 million Xbox One’s had been sold
• This would see the Xbox One rise to be the 19th highest selling console of all time (so far)
• It’s estimated 74.39 million boxed games have been sold.
• That’s 4.8 boxed games per person.

I’m sure you’ll agree a new game every two days on average makes the games library for the Xbox One no slouch, and with 170 from independent publishers and 124 console exclusives at the moment there’s a great variety available to us gamers.

I’ve no doubt you’ve all had some great moments on the Xbox One over the last two years, let us know some of your greatest achievements, biggest fails and general wow moments from your time with the console.

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3 thoughts on “Xbox One turns two today, here’s some stats that may interest you.”

  1. Joel says:

    Xbox has same birthday as me aha!

  2. Macintosh says:

    Xbox 360 turns 10 today!

  3. Ben says:

    Number of ex-XNA developers who are still struggling to figure out Unity, have moved to other platforms, or have quit game development completely following being dumped on?

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