Resident Evil 6 coming to Xbox One?

Yes you read that correctly, it seems that our friends at Capcom are considering a port, or remaster whichever you prefer, of Resident Evil 6 to the Xbox One.

This rumor has stemmed from the recent evaluation of Biohazard 6 (Resident Evil 6 outside of Japan) for Xbox One by the Korean ratings authority. While this isn’t a concrete confirmation of an Xbox One re-release, of one of the quite frankly less highly rated games in the Resident Evil series, it does have a solid backing due to the fact that Capcom seem to be heavily pushing remasters and re-releases at present.

This news could be taken one of two ways by Resident Evil fans, firstly it could be seen as Capcom trying to push the series onto those who’ve made the jump to current gen consoles, which can be seen as a positive. However, on the other side of the coin it can be viewed as they may not be focusing all of their efforts on a new title (if there is indeed one in development) and more importantly for many fans of the series, it’s another current-gen Resident Evil re-release that isn’t Resident Evil 4.

How do you feel about this? Does Resident Evil 6 warrant a current gen re-release given that it’s original release date was only October 2012? Are there other Capcom games that are more deserving? Should the focus be on an entirely new game? Let us know in the comments and as always don’t forget to keep up with us by joining the Facebook group, liking the Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 coming to Xbox One?”

  1. Greavesy says:

    If RE6 comes to Xbox One and PS4, I’ll be so happy 🙂 one of my favourite games. Loved it so much on Xbox 360.

  2. @Old2NewGaming Im just glad that they dont put out new games, so i dont need to invest in a new console 😀

  3. Oddfellow says:

    Would rather have re4 5 & 6 as back compatible than have to buy them again

  4. res 4 might be interested they need to go back to the roots of the first one and make a decent new game

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