Fallout 4 Map – All The Cities, Vaults, & Bobbleheads!

So Fallout 4 has been one of the most popular games recently on Xbox One. People have been pouring hours into exploring the post apocalyptic world, if this is you then what I have to show you may come in handy!

(**SPOILER WARNING** If you want to explore on your own without being told where anything is then click away now!**)

A Reddit user koolkyle802 has made a map to make exploring easier for you. This map will help you plan your route through the Commonwealth making sure you don’t miss out on any points of interest or collectables

As well as having important points of  interest like cities, vaults, and bobblehead locations, it even has colour-coded threat levels so you know just how dangerous the area you are heading towards is and can decided how to arm yourself.

This is the map below, alternatively CLICK HERE for the original high quality image, autodownload link set up by koolkyle802.

Fallout 4 Map3

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Source: Gamesradar

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