EA Talks Star Wars Battlefront DLC and Help From Disney

I think it’s fair to say that Star Wars Battlefront has been a success. I mean, how could it not be? With the film merely weeks away, the world is in the grip of Star Wars fever.

At a recent USB Global Tech Conference, Chief Financial Officer of EA Blake Jorgensen talked about how EA are trying to engage users once the fever dissipates:

“How do we engage consumers as long as possible? The old days, people played Madden for a few months and then they stopped playing. When the Super Bowl finished, they were completely gone. Today with Ultimate Team, they engage for 12 months, all the way through the time when you start playing a new season. All of our teams are thinking about what’s the engagement model to keep the consumer and really entertain them for a long period of time? When you think about that, it’s not really the economics, the economics come afterwards, and so there might be multiple models to engage people.

“It could be a subscription, a subscription that has extra content as part of it or it could be an upfront payment to a game that has extra content coming over time. What we want to do is give the consumer great value for their money and keep them deeply engaged in something they love to do. I do feel like there is some consumer fatigue around feeling like they’re getting nickel and dimed all of the time, and a lot of the mobile games have been designed don’t allow you to have fun unless you’ve paid for it. We’re looking at new models and new ways to try and alleviate some of that fatigue that’s going on…so you don’t always feel like you’re getting nickel and dimed.”

Whether or not you consider paying £30 for a Season Pass to be “great value for money” is down to you. We’ll see once the Season Pass content starts dropping. Blake also spoke about how much access Disney allowed them to Star Wars universe content:

“We get access to the historical content as well as all new content developed. The only rule we have to really follow is we have to adhere to the Star Wars canon. You can’t do something counter to Star Wars and that’s fine with us because I think that’s why people love Star Wars and the stories around it.”

The adherence to the canon of Star Wars really shows in the game, as modes like Fighter Squadron or Walker Assault feel like you’re actually in the universe… Until you see a Stormtrooper teabag Han Solo. Guess he didn’t fire first.

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One thought on “EA Talks Star Wars Battlefront DLC and Help From Disney”

  1. @Old2NewGaming No campaign mode… but plenty paid for DLC ?

    Will pass, thanks.

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