Destiny: Weekly Update 19/11/2015

It’s been a busy week for Destiny: an in-game update, new questline, and vulture errors. Bungie’s weekly update looks back at November so far, and looks forward to next month.

The November in-game update brought increased rewards in the Crucible, with players on the receiving end of more Legendary drops and changes to make the “Crucible Forged” questline a little easier. And, if you are the sort of Guardian who is always running out of weapon parts, Banshee has plenty if you can pay the Glimmer price. The update also brought in a couple of minor fixes – Legendary engrams for leg armour now decrypt properly, and Crucible gear descriptions now list the correct perks.

A Hunter is the best weapon

Looking forward to December, there will be more of Bungie’s promised weapon balancing. In summary:

  • Auto rifles will be un-nerfed a little at close ranges, so that they are a little more effective than pulse rifles when things get… personal.
  • Pulse rifles will be nerfed a little, and damage falloff will increases more with range.
  • Hand cannons will get an accuracy bump at close and medium ranges.
  • Shotguns are still considered to be overpowered at longer ranges, so greater damage falloff with range, and that falloff starts at melee range. Shotguns will be more in-your-face than ever, but far less dangerous beyond a couple of arms’ length. They will also be slower to access, store, load and aim, and you will move slower, too.
  • Fusion rifles will become more adapted to medium range engagements. Fast chargers will charge a little more quickly, but damage a little less. They will become more stable when aimed or when in crouch, but a bit more unpredictable from the hip. And weilders will carry a little less ammo, too.
  • Sniper rifles remain largely unchanged, though damage falloff is pushed out to extended ranges.
  • Sidearms will be a little slower to ready and stow.
  • Scout rifles remain unchanged.
  • There are some slight changes to a handful of Exotics: The First Curse, Hawkmoon, The Chaperone, Fabian Startegy, Black Spindle, and Sleeper Simulant.

You can read the full balancing run through on

Bungie has also hinted that there will be some changes to Titans in the December update, and we might have something practical to do with our stores of Wormspore (beyond selling it to Eris) and Etheric Light.

More exotics will be coming our way in December – it is the season of god will after all – with two brand new to Destiny, while others will be upgrades from Year One. Keep an eye on Destiny’s Instagram for sneak previews over the next few weeks. Gimme the Gold!

Hi Nathan!

Destiny’s Refer-A-Friend programme starts on Monday, 23 November. Direct from the horse’s mouth:

“The Refer-A-Friend program goes live next week. To participate, you’ll need to find the Tango to your Cash. Currently active Guardians will be considered Veterans, and people purchasing/playing Destiny: The Taken King for the first time will be considered Referral candidates. If you already have a Riggs to your Murtaugh lined up, you can hand them the New Player Guide to help them maximize their time fighting against the Darkness.”

Bungie have promised more information on this programme for launch, but reading of the info so far suggests that new players are considered those who haven’t yet played The Taken King. So, f you have a lapsed Destiny buddy who dropped out before TTK they would be eligible. This is just our reading though – more information on this as we have it.

Finally, Iron Banner will continue through the Weekly Reset next Tuesday. Bungie offers up a wee reminder that players now get an automatic XP buff from day two of the competition, and that rewards packages drop at Rank 2 and Rank 5. Remember to return to the Tower and then back to orbit again to make sure all your rewards drop!

That’s it for this week’s update, which you can read in full over on And Guardians, I leave you with this question: How do Hasbro feel about nerfed guns?

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