Microsoft aren’t confident DX12 will improve Xbox graphics

More often than not does any conversation regarding the Xbox One as a console steer to the subject of graphics, usually its lacking in comparison to the PlayStation 4.

DirectX 12 is Microsoft’s latest gaming technology, much hyped for PC and supposedly set to give the Xbox One a boost of power.

However, speaking to Xbox Achievements, Xbox UK marketing manager Harvey Eagle said relative to a hypothetical DX12 graphics boost, which would put the Xbox One on par with the PlayStation 4, “I’m not sure that DX12 in itself solves that naturally. I think games have the potential to run faster and smoother using DirectX 12, but again, it’s really up to the choice of the developer and how they want to work with the technology available”

While DirectX 12 will be open to all developers, there’s to be no insistence from Microsoft that they must utilise it. In other words, if the developer decides not to use the new technology there’ll be no improvements for their game when it runs on an Xbox One, graphic improvements included or not.

Eagle was keen to then emphasise and reiterate a sentiment similar to that which Microsoft’s marketing lead Aaron Greenberg stated last month, that the quality and experience of playing the game is more important than visual fidelity.

“Ultimately, it’s about the experience and that experience is not always determined by having the highest resolution,” Eagles said. “It’s quite difficult to tell on a TV screen up to a certain size, and as I say it’s about the experience and we think our games are great to experience.”

Read into that last statement however you wish.

Source: Xbox Achievements

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One thought on “Microsoft aren’t confident DX12 will improve Xbox graphics”

  1. expgamers says:

    I can see this being used against Xbox by Sony so that ps4 games look better, especially as Sony are more keen on doing deals with publishers such as Activision and their range of multiplatform games (Destiny, Blops 3 etc) than developing their own exclusive IP..

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